The Hardship Fund and Covid-19

Help Our Aloysian Families Facing Financial Hardship

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, which is why we are  asking for your support for the College Hardship Fund.

The effects of the Coronavirus have been frightening, and we know that many in our Aloysian Community have had to cope with stress, isolation, illness or the tragic loss of family members.  

In addition, the long-term economic impact of Covid-19 is now unfolding.  Some Aloysian families are now facing an unforeseen financial crisis, and will struggle to pay school fees in the coming months.  At a time of great uncertainty, we all want to provide stability and reassurance for our children, and grandchildren, but some of our families are experiencing a severe change in circumstances. 

We understand that not everyone is able to make a donation at this time - and that many of you will be supporting front-line causes that urgently need help – thank you for all that you are doing.

At the College, we are doing everything we can to ease the burden, including financial re-modelling, and many in our Community have donated so far, but we need your help to make more possible.

For the families who have approached us with a request for help, this is the last thing they ever imagined they would do. They have all been committed to the College for many years, and at this point, they need assistance and assurance to see their children through their education.   

We hope that we can come together as a Community of family and faith to help our young people who will be affected by this unprecedented disruption to their lives.  

We are asking everyone in our community, who is able and willing to do so, to contribute. This could be a one-off gift of £400 or a regular gift of £35 per month, so that in turn, we can support our families.  Whatever size of your gift, it will make an immediate difference.  

Our  thoughts and prayers are with you.  Thank you.


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