The Hardship Fund and Covid-19

Help Our Aloysian Families Facing Financial Hardship

Today we face the biggest global health crisis in living memory.  The Coronavirus has swept through the world with frightening effects and many have had to cope with the tragic loss of family members. Its long-term impact on the economy is still unfolding.

Due to the economic effect, some families in the College are facing unforeseen financial hardship, struggling to pay school fees in the coming months.  Not only is this of concern to those affected, but may have wider implications for the College.  At times of great uncertainty, we all want to provide stability for our children, and grandchildren.

At the College, over the last year we have done everything to ease the burden. Donors have stepped up to support this area, but we need your help to make more possible.

We know that not everyone is able to donate at this time - and that many of you will be supporting front-line causes that urgently need help – thank you for all that you’re doing.

Gifts of all sizes will support the Hardship Fund, and we will direct donations to ease financial difficulties for those families who are genuinely facing a severe change in circumstances.

Thank You