the opportunity fund

The Opportunity Fund for Bursaries*

Transforming young lives and unlocking the potential of a new generation of Old Aloysians is at the heart of St Aloysius’ College’s charitable mission by providing Bursaries to talented pupils from families of modest means. The death of a parent or household income being affected by long-term illness, accident or redundancy are just some of the barriers which stand in the way of a bright young person achieving their goals in life. The common thread of complex lives and low income bring their own challenges.  Can you help to provide opportunities for talented youngsters who show early promise?Donate button

*Currently 8% of pupils in the Senior School are on 100% bursaries, amounting to £500,000.

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“Without the Bursary I would not be able to recognise my life today”

“Being awarded a Bursary changes lives in ways most people can’t imagine. The breadth of education and caring culture not only develop the pupil, but give them the inner confidence and ambition to be the best they can be, in whichever field they choose to channel their energy.

“At my previous school, I remember that teachers spent significant amounts of time trying to control and sanction unruly children, so from my perspective St Aloysius’ College was superior; from individual attention, quality of teaching, standards expected and diversity of experiences.

“Putting on my Green Blazer for the first time, I was excited.  For me, St Aloysius’ College meant no barriers to academic excellence. The highest quality of work was expected and there was encouragement of your strengths, as well as supporting your weaknesses, by teachers who went far beyond the call of duty to help you achieve your potential.

“Looking at my peers many years after leaving school, each of us seeks continual self-improvement as the highest standards were instilled in us to strive for excellence. It was also very beneficial for me to be around people who don’t settle for ‘good enough’, but always ensure their output is the best it can be.

“Attending St Aloysius’ College was one of the most life-changing experiences I have had.  Without the Bursary I would not be able to recognise my life today.”

Former Opportunity Fund Scholar, Class of 2007