corporate support

By establishing a Corporate Partnership with the College, we can help to promote your brand to our global Aloysian Community of over 7,500 Old Aloysians and around 1,300 current and former parents to help your business reach a network of influential executives. 

Almost 40% of OAs live in the MOSAIC group of 'Alpha Territories' and at least 10% are registered as Directors.  Given that the College became co-educational in the late 1970's, our network comprises 63% males and 37% females, with an average age of 40 years. 

Here are just a few examples of the types of sponsorship opportunities available:

    • Sponsor a Sports Team at the College - our Rugby 1st XV, our Hockey 1st XI or our College Football Team
    • Sponsor a Business Network Season - these are termly events with Guest Speakers from our Aloysian Community
    • Sponsor new seating for our College Hall
    • Establish a Prize in your company's name at the College Prize Giving held each September
    • Take a full or half-page advert in AMDG magazine or include your logo into our termly Aloysian E-News

To find out more, please contact:

Caroline Notman or Tel: 0141-331-9274

Sharon Bell or Tel: 0141-331-9246