As we prepare pupils for life after College, there are ways in which our Old Aloysians can get involved to guide our young people, either by sharing their talents or experiences.

Beyond the Green Blazer

Tell our S6 pupils about your life ‘Beyond the Green Blazer’ at Friday ‘Debate & Lecture’ sessions. 

It can be about your career, your perspective on your time at the College and what being part of the Aloysian Community means for you today.      Contact us if you would like to help.

Work Experience & Careers

Careers are changing, and today more than 50% of our pupils go on to study Business, Science or Arts & Social Sciences at University. The Development Office and  the Careers Department collaborate, so if you are an OA, Current or Former Parent who can provide placements or give careers advice, then  please contact Mrs Mandy Sciallo in our Careers Office to discuss ways that you can help. 

Virtual Careers Guidance Talks

You can take the oa out of Glasgow . . . .

If you are heading south for study or work, then our London OA Group get together at least once a year and welcome young OAs to events, where you can make new friends or build your network.

Be sure to notify us of your up-to-date contact details (especially your email and city) so that we can invite you to relevant events.Check our Events section to find out what’s coming up.

Which Subject At School Shaped Your Career? 

Did you love Art and are now a Graphic Designer?  Was English your favourite subject and you became a Journalist?  We would like to hear how your favourite subject led you to your career so that our pupils can understand how their subjects relate to real careers. 

Please contact our Careers Office with a short biography of your career, your photograph and of course, that all important favourite subject.