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Transforming young lives through Bursary support is at the heart of our charitable mission and has never been more vital than it is now.  Our Jesuit ethos of supporting those in greatest need includes young people from families of modest means, who would thrive at the College given the chance. 


Since the abolition of the Assisted Places Scheme in 1997, the College has made provision each year for Bursaries from our earned income.  As a way of doing more, The Opportunity Fund was established for our Aloysian Community and Friends to support the next generation of young people who will form ideas, innovate and add their greatest contribution to our world.  


This year Stephanie has shared her Bursary story and other Bursary Scholars have shared their stories below about how their lives have been transformed, and how they, too, have become “men and women for others”.                              

Stephanie's Story



Stephanie McGill (2012)

Crime Scene Investigator

My Primary School Headmistress opened the door to St Aloysius’ College for me. Her sons attended the college and she suggested to my mum that St Aloysius’ would be the right environment for me, and she definitely wasn't wrong.

“From the moment I entered my first-ever science class, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Broad minded, but I have managed to narrow it down considerably since then.

“In my experience, the school is different to any other; where academia and sportsmanship are praised alongside each other. Where being great at one thing doesn’t define you, but you are allowed to explore your talents and personal drivers.

“By embodying charity at its heart, it teaches pupils how to deal with life’s hardships with compassion, and blessings with gratitude.

“The dedication and support that the teachers provide allow the school to be a nurturing learning environment, even when it is high pressure. It is this balance that allows a community ethos to grow. And it is this support that made me love St Aloysius’ so much.

“I can’t say how my life would have turned out if I hadn't been lucky enough to receive a Bursary, but I am certainly glad that I did.”

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